The Many Sides of Tupac

Tupac Shakur. The notorious infamous rapper. Rhetorician. Poet. Hologram.

He was the James Dean of the hip hop world. Before YOLO there was “Live fast, die young”, which Tupac interpreted as “Thug Life…Baby.”

Hordes of loyal followers can still quote the Almighty Makaveli’s more thuggish, ruggish lyrics “I’ll proly be punished for hard livin, blind to the facts, thugs is convicts in God’s prison, hands on the strap, prayin to father, please forgive me, police be rushin when they see me I flaunt it, america’s most wanted live on tv”

as well as his more laid back verses “I hate to sound sleazy but tease me, I don’t want it if its that easy, hey yo bust it, baby got a problem sayin bye bye, just another hazard of a fly guy”

Tupac Amaru Shakur was more dynamic than the MEDIA would have you believe. #NotAconspiracythread

We’ve seen tough Tupac. We’ve seen crazy Tupac.

But not so much cuddling with a furry dog Tupac.

Ain't no heaven for a Dawg luva.

Ain’t no heaven for a Dawg lovah.

Or chillin backstage with KISS Tupac.

Tupac + Kiss = 2pac-a-lips now

Backstage at the Grammys. Where thugs get in free and you gotta be a G.

Tupac wrote masterful poetry as well. His most popular poetry album (released posthumously in 2000) was entitled “The Rose That Grew From Concrete”. Below is his most popular poem off of the compilation:

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature’s law is wrong it learned to walk with out having feet.
Funny it seems, but by keeping it’s dreams, it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else ever cared.

Tupac demonstrated an aptitude for poetic verses with or without rhythm.

Is it out of the realm of possibility to believe he could have been a poetry or creative writing Professor were he alive today?

In 1997, there was a student led course that studied Tupac at UC Berkeley.

In Fall 2007, a taped class on the African American Struggle that dealt with Tupac was given at Stanford University. It can be found here.

I hope that this text alleviates momentarily, the pain of your PDS (pac defiency syndrome). It is a condition that continues to affect millions of eighties/nineties kids. Its a bittersweet thought, to know that the 2000 generation is mostly immune to the syndrome, though there have been reports of several outbreaks.

2 cups of Makaveli and Cheese constitutes your daily intake of Vitamin P

Two cups of Makaveli and Cheese constitutes your daily intake of Vitamin P

The fact of the matter is, future generations will never know Tupac like we do, but then maybe they shouldn’t; perhaps it is better to spare them the grief.


2 responses

  1. haha makaveli and cheese

  2. Some very interesting thoughts. Particularly the deficiency syndrome. That drove me to write what I think is the only Tupac related fiction book – Makaveli’s Prince. I try to entertain as well as bring some fictional relief to all the conspiracy theories. It was time for something new.

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