Plot Details Emerge for “A French-Iranian Man in the Valley”


Pierre Bergman in “Casino Royale: Sweded” (2011).
Photo Courtesy of Huge Manatee Productions.

Director Alex Corey released this tweet yesterday about his upcoming film: A French-Iranian Man in the Valley.

The pub in the picture is none other than the Green Dragon Pub and Brewery in New Zealand. It was built for the Lord of the Rings Theme park there. Earlier reports said that Corey would shoot the film on location at the pub in New Zealand however, do to budget cuts, they may instead move production to the San Fernando Valley.

In an interview with Corey at midnight he said:

“Happy Birthday Pierre,

Twenty-one is quite a landmark.

Enjoy yourself. Its a celebration.”

The film, directed by Alex Corey stars Pierre-Yvan Bergman, Alex Corey, and Victor Velasquez (rumored).

Official Plot Synopsis:

A French-Iranian Man in the Valley follows Pierre-Yvan Bergman as he traverses amongst the unforgiving wildebeests in the San Fernando Valley. After his 21st birthday he joins up with Alex Corey, also played by himself, as they pub crawl and watch sports.

How self-indulgent is this movie anyway?

UPDATE: We now know that Victor Velasquez will play a shaman who offers his wisdom to the two young (er) men. His Facebook Page released the first image:


A French-Iranian Man in the Valley hits theaters April 2013.

SOURCE: Alex Corey’s Twitter Account, Victor Velasquez’s Facebook.

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