Dora The Explorer Miniseries Is Upon Us

Guest Post: By Zenobia Hughes

It’s the movie that we never knew we were waiting for.

Dora has teamed up with Boots to make an action-thriller. College Humor often creates trailers for fictional movies that would be hilarious to actually make. When they posted the fake trailer for Dora the Explorer and The Destiny Medallion, they received so much positive feedback that there was no way they could pass up the chance to finish it.

They’ve decided to make it into a three-part Web series on the College Humor website. It stars the 15-year-old actress Ariel Winter (Modern Family) as Dora and a Capuchin monkey as her faithful sidekick, Boots.

The first episode is out now.

The next two webisodes are to air on March 26th, and April 2nd.

Be sure to tune in. You know you want to.


Click here for Webisode Part One


Zenobia Hughes is a panda and Cal State Northridge Student studying Art with a focus in Photography + a minor in Theatre. 

Follow her on Tumblr 

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