What Pizza Can Teach Us About Being Human

I’m known as someone who loves pizza so much that were it not for my having human skin, I’d be mistaken for a Ninja Turtle.

p is for pizza
My affinity for pizza is rivaled by few. I once survived off this food item for a whole month during college. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As is my nature to ask why something is, I wondered what really drives my appreciation for pizza? What else is there to pizza that could be used as a justification to my cravings? Is there even an answer to these questions?

It occurred to me one day that there are many different types of pizza, thousands in fact. There are so many varieties of pizza that it’s almost a wonder how it could still be called a pizza with the different toppings one might add. Nutella and banana are two obscure toppings that come to mind.

So, even with all of the different varieties and combinations of toppings and bread types it is still called a pizza. Much like the way there are many varieties of human beings. Each one of us is unique yet we are still called human. This a marvelous insight because it shows that not only should I continue to keep enjoying pizza, but that the act of enjoying some pizza is the act of enjoying humanity.

Toaster Oven Pizza

That’s how I choose to see it anyway.


Victor Velasquez is a gifted thought-provoker, lover and drummer. He can be reached on Twitter @SuddenlyBright

 and on Tumblr at suddenlybright.tumblr.com


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