The NBA Finals: Most Valuable Dresser

Heat's James holds the Bill Russell MVP Trophy as Wade (L) holds the Larry O'Brien Trophy while Bosh celebrates after their team defeated the Spurs in Game 7 to win their NBA Finals basketball playoff

Last night, the Heats won Game 7 of a dramatically-amazing NBA Finals. Though the legendary San Antonio Spurs gave it their all, they went home without the golden trophy.

They did however, go home with a unique award. One of their players won my very own personalized award for Most Valuable Dresser (MVD). Off the court, fashion trends with basketball players have always been so strange to me. From players wearing nerdy, un-glassed glasses to players who are so tired that they dress for press conferences like the just woke up. One player in particular from the Spurs stood out to me as being best-dressed.

Tony Parker!

When he went off the court during press conferences, he looked as if he hadn’t even broken a sweat! His use of black blazers, well-ironed dress shirts, and a simple elegance set him apart from the rest of these overly, blinged-out players. They could all take a few tips from the classy Frenchman.



I know the MVD is no MVP but there’s always a first & you sir win my very first annual, Most Valuable Dresser!



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Born and raised in Los Angles, CA this young and ambitious Marketing Major, Religious Studies Minor has big ideas for the Entertainment Industry. With emphasis on Music & Fashion, she hopes through writing to gain a better sense of open & fresher perspectives along with navigating her aspirations to come to light. To get to know different sides of her you can follow her tumblr ( or on twitter, @KamriaSaysHi


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