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For Language Slackers: Memrise 1.0


I crusaded on behalf of Memrise in the past (I lost a few facebook friends for my illicit spamming) when it was only in its Beta stage.

Now that it has officially released its Memrise 1.0 website, I am really coo coo for cocoa puffs about it.

We all want to learn another tongue. Whether it be to romance that new exchange student, not get ripped off by taxi drivers or so that you’re not depending on this guy who may or may not actually speak German.

The thing that I like about memrise is that it makes the first step easy. And what is the first step? VOCAB.

Learning the 1000 most common words in any language, helps you immensely.  By the way, language-learning isn’t the only time that honing those fundamentals comes in handy.


Memrise uses fun visuals to cement that vocab into your noggin

Here’s one I created to remember the word “fox” in Italian.

If you don’t like the mem (What they call these user created images) someone made for a word, you can make your own mem and let people vote for which is best.

Oh and they offer TONS of different languages: German, Arabic, French, Japanese…They even have Vocab sets to help you learn Japanese or Arabic (among others) characters. Don’t end up like my boy Bill Murray the next time you get asked to film that new Whiskey commercial.

Grammar and all that jazz is fun my gente (people in Spanish) but before you learn to walk you learn to crawl.

As your current attention holder, I advise you to practice vocab and not concern yourself so much with verb conjugations. You can begin with Memrise.

My name is Mitt Romney and I approve this message.

If you start now, you might be able to decipher that Gangnam style song before they stop playing it on the radio

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