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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Vengeance Trailer


Guest Post: By Anthony Corey

Loyal Starcraft II fans count down the days until the release of “Heart of the Swarm”, the first of the two expansions planned for the popular video game franchise. We wait patiently for any new (spoilers) and Blizzard has been generous enough to release a new trailer appropriately named: Vengeance. This hot new trailer is mostly a mash-up of old footage from the cinematic released earlier this year. However, for those who listened and watched closely, there were some hints to the new campaign and maybe even…spoilers?

Well when we start to analyze this new footage we notice that it is split up into two major parts. Before 1:06 it is mostly re-cut footage. Past this point there is new dialogue and hints to the campaign. Some new dialogue from Mr. Raynor telling Kerrigan how he still loves her and blah, blah, blah. Don’t get me wrong, its still a better lovestory than Twilight. The most important part before 1:06 is a three-second fight between Kerrigan and what is most likely Zeratul (0:45-0:48).

Now time to get into the meat of this trailer. Some new shots of Kerrigan possibly becoming re-infested? Also she is in some sort of temple (Xel’Naga?). Also it seems Mengsk’s office is being blown up at 1:37-1:38. Whether or not he is the temple is a whole other story (Mengsk you sneaky, sneaky bastard). There is also a scene where Kerrigan is holding a Psi blade and stabbing some zerg thing at 1:34-1:36 (a fight dream sequence between the Queen and Sarah?). The most important part to me is the “Queen of Blades” attacking Jim and punching him furiously at 1:32-1:34. Then at 1:38-1:39, I heard the most disturbing thing…General Warfield telling Kerrigan “What if Raynor could see you right now?”.

Could Blizzard kill James Raynor?

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