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An Ode to ‘Freaks and Geeks’


On September 25th, 1999 Freaks and Geeks premiered on the NBC network to praise and critical acclaim for its originality and off-beat blend of teenage drama and humor. The pilot received high ratings but were not enough to keep the momentum going. Eighteen episodes were completed, but the series was canceled after only twelve.

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Wes Shoots First in Star Wars Directing Bid with Audition Tape

Wes Shoots First. Everyone in Hollywood wants to direct the next Star Wars Film (slated for release in 2015) and who’s to say Wes Anderson isn’t the guy to do it? The Life Aquatic nod is a nice one.

Owen Wilson as Han Solo? Hipster Boba Fett?

I speak for the thousands of other youtube commenters when I say, “I’d watch that.”

Disclaimer: It’s possible that this audition tape was not actually created by THE Wes Anderson. Despite this, it has an Owen Wilson-type and that’s good enough for me.

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